Case Studies

We create positive change for care communities with serious challenges, from internal problems to external circumstances that hamper their ability to perform. Here are a few examples:

AndBe Home

Norton | Kansas

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the United States in 2020, all skilled nursing communities were at heightened risk due to the insidious nature of the novel coronavirus. Few facilities were affected more dramatically than AndBe Home, a county-owned SNF where every resident tested positive, and 21 of 61 residents ultimately died with the virus. In the wake of this crisis, on October 28, 2020, The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services assigned management of AndBe Home to Mission Health Communities, LLC – and our Mission Management Services team quickly moved to address issues on multiple fronts.

Clinical Improvements

Within two days of being named Temporary Manager, Mission Management Services had two experienced Regional Nursing Managers on site at AndBe Home with oversight from our lead Chief Clinical Officer to implement new clinical safety protocols and work toward removing immediate jeopardy tags to eliminate the threat of lost federal funding. We worked closely with CMS, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the state of Kansas, and the local community hospital. By ensuring that existing issues were corrected, we were able to save the home’s Medicaid and Medicare funding.

Staff Support

When a nursing community is facing grave challenges, staff morale and cohesion are essential. We immediately reached out to inform and reassure the staff about the positive changes being made, and their role in ensuring improvements. We provided trainings in order to help staff correct deficiencies, as we implemented a plan for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring new staff.

Public Communication Efforts

With the situation at AndBe Home drawing national media attention, we provided an array of public relations crisis management services. Our steps included messaging for AndBe Home’s website and social media, providing regular updates to the public on the progress being made to correct issues and care for residents; responding to all press inquiries with consistent, factual information; and most importantly, communicating empathetically with families of residents and our referral sources. Within days, responses on social media turned largely positive, and we were able to help AndBe Home weather the storm, rebuilding trust in their community.

Former Skyline Healthcare

SNFs | Across Kansas

When 15 Kansas-based senior nursing facilities formerly operated by Skyline Healthcare fell into receivership in 2018, affecting hundreds of staff members and hundreds more residents, Mission Management Services was ready to help. We entered into a contract with the third-party receivers—lenders and others supported by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services—to stabilize operations, effect improvements, and conduct day-to-day management services for these communities, in line with our existing business model and core CARES values of character, attitude, respect, excellence, and service.

Avg. Daily Census

2017 ADC


2018 ADC


Quarter 1, 2019 ADC


Regulatory Compliance

In the first annual surveys held after Mission Management Services implemented new clinical oversight, deficiencies were reduced by almost 40%.

Annual Survey Deficiencies
Prior to Entering Receivership


Annual Survey Deficiencies,
Most Recent Annual Survey



This success, turning around the centers to prepare them for new ownership, was a coordinated effort between the original owner, the state regulatory agency, and Mission Management Services.


Flexible Transition Services

The COVID-19 pandemic hit some communities exceptionally hard. When the state of Nebraska found itself with more patients than spaces to provide them all with care, Mission Management Services was called upon. Working closely with Nebraska and Lincoln-area hospitals, we set up a unit in a former state hospice building where patients were transferred, under the care of a team of nurses and discharge planners.

The Power of Being Flexible

Over a six-month period we provided more than 2,500 patient days, while transitioning patients to appropriate levels of care, relieving logistical and political pressure on the hospital and the state government. 

Mission Management Services

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