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Mission Management Services specializes in operating, monitoring, and consulting for care communities that require stabilization, strategic redirection and turnaround services. 

Over the last 18 months, we have managed 25 communities in our portfolio. These contracts have included facilities in receivership, a CMS monitoring agreement and long-term management agreements. We have entered into third-party management agreements and also consulting services in partnership with ownership groups, state and federal regulators, landlords and payors.

  • Long-term, short-term, and temporary management agreements
  • Management of communities in receivership, as well as those at risk of foreclosure or bankruptcy
  • Monitoring and/or management of portfolios for landlords, payors, and lenders
  • Clinical consulting services for better patient outcomes
  • Monitoring of portfolios for landlords, payors and lenders
  • Financial consulting services, including expertise with the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) to help
    ensure accurate reimbursement for services provided by care communities

Long-term, short-term, and temporary management agreements

Long-Term Management Agreements

Mission Management Services has partnered with ownership groups to provide successful long-term management services for communities. Our temporary manager agreements and short-term management agreements have the potential to convert into long-term management agreements, and several of our past agreements have done so.

Short-Term Management Agreements

We can contract with an ownership group, lender or landlord on a short-term agreement in order to assess performance, set a plan of action for improvement and stabilize a community through improved clinical, financial and operational performance.  This process can improve the asset value for a lender and help the community get back on track for an owner.

Temporary Management Agreements

Mission Management Services has partnered with an ownership group, CMS, and the state regulatory agency to serve as a temporary manager for a community that was placed on a fast-track process for closure.  We successfully improved the compliance and clinical performance to clear a survey and bring stability to the community. 

Flex Transitional Services

Why Flex?

In a healthcare crisis, such as a pandemic or natural disaster, healthcare systems can find themselves strained beyond capacity. In such an event, we are here with Flex Transitional Services—transitional triage for patients who require hospitalization but don’t need acute care. 

We work with state governments to quickly stand up stand-alone facilities, staffed with health care professionals and discharge planning experts. And we get results—finding appropriate levels of care for patients, even those whose circumstances make them difficult to place; lessening the pressure on local healthcare systems; and helping states save money.



More positive outcomes for patients


Reduced pressure on healthcare systems


Significant cost savings for states


Management of Communities in Receivership

There are 20 communities in receivership that we have provided management services for since March 2018.


Mission Management Services contracts with the receiver, state agency or the lender/landlord to provide day-to-day management services for the community in receivership.


Our purpose is to foster these communities until new ownership is found. At this time, all 18 facilities have been successfully sold or are currently being considered for new ownership.


Mission Management Services has successfully improved the value of these facilities through improved regulatory compliance, operational and clinical performance, financial performance and increased resident and staff satisfaction. This improvement has made the communities more marketable.

Monitoring and Consulting


We can provide oversight services for landlords, lenders and payors in order to identify communities that need additional support or interventions and those that are headed in the wrong direction and need additional monitoring. The purpose is to prevent communities from reaching the level of operational problems that lead to not paying rent, bankruptcy, receiverships and closure.

Clinical and Operational Consulting

Mission Management Services can contract with an ownership group, lender, landlord or payor to perform various consulting services in order to assess performance, set a plan of action for improvement and stabilize a community through improved clinical, financial and operational performance.  

Financial Consulting:

Here at Mission Management Services, we are experts at ensuring care communities are accurately reimbursed for services they provide. We are particularly proficient with reimbursement guidelines related to the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM).

Mission Management Services

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